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Bridging concepts from one mind to another.


  Some of the best things a society can construct are the institutions that preserve and convey information and ideas.

  Making ideas available to everybody, and offering a resource that is not consumed, museums, art galleries, aquariums, parks, and libraries are the cornerstones of our cultures. Often they present the first exposure of an object or idea to a viewer, this experience can be very influential to a person’s way of thinking.

  Presentation of an idea can define levels of understanding, intrigue and engagement. For example, a career path may be shaped, a personal responsibility to the conservation of our planets natural resources may be realized, or familiarity ground may be found between distant cultures.

  Often a physical form is best to help share an idea between people, like a bridge used to convey a concept from one mind to another

  Many disciplines are needed to convey an institution’s ideas to a wide audience. One’s discipline may focus on gathering and comprehending information, such as our researchers and scientists.     Another’s talent may be in bringing a concept into a wider range of intellectual accessibility our editors and educators. Designers make an exhibit appealing and intriguing, and combine the output of all the other disciplines. 

  I consider myself fortunate to be involved in the final step, the fabrication of an exhibit.

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